I am currently working on building up my portfolio, but I’m hoping to have some more samples available to view here soon.

Stay tuned!

Critique of Cop Out and Poem

This is a critique I wrote about a poem called “Cop Out”, which discusses why it’s important to keep certain aspects of youth throughout life, as well as a poem I wrote maintaining the same theme.

Melody’s Rededication

This is a short story I wrote about a girl who has to grapple with her faith after dealing with domestic issues in her family.

The Search for Safety

This is another short story I wrote that emulates the style of John McPhee’s 1972 short story The Search for Marvin Gardens. It follows a man and his personal story through 9/11.


Though I have several story ideas I have been developing on and off for a while now, my main focus is on my most recent science-fiction story. I know I said earlier I would probably come out with a collection of short stories, but the way things have been happening lately, I am now thinking it would be more feasible to work mostly on this. It actually was one of the short stories I was working on, but it is expanding beyond what I initially intended for it, and now has the potential to become a more well-rounded story. I don’t want to get bogged down with too many projects, so I think this will be my first published work, and I have plenty of other story ideas to follow it with. I will keep you all posted and try to include more details later!