I am currently working on building up my portfolio, but I’m hoping to have some more samples available to view here soon.

Stay tuned!

Current Outlook on the Professional Writers Market

This is a short research paper I wrote for one of my classes at Regent discussing the current job outlook for a freelance writing and/or professional book writing career.


This is a short literary analysis paper I wrote for my Shakespeare class on his 55th sonnet.


This is another literary essay I wrote analyzing the prominence of sin in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, along with its unfortunate consequences.

Critique of Cop Out and Poem

This is a critique I wrote about a poem called “Cop Out”, which discusses why it’s important to keep certain aspects of youth throughout life, as well as a poem I wrote maintaining the same theme.

Melody’s Rededication

This is a short story I wrote about a girl who has to grapple with her faith after dealing with domestic issues in her family.

The Search for Safety

This is another short story I wrote that emulates the style of John McPhee’s 1972 short story The Search for Marvin Gardens. It follows a man and his personal story through 9/11.


So, I currently have several writing projects on the docket, and I will summarize each of them below. The first one listed is the one I have been working on the longest and which will probably be finished and released first.

  1. The Semahnim Chronicles: Book One: Revolution

The Semahnim (you pronounce the “e” like you would in the word “set”-maw (like “paw”) nim) Chronicles is a young-adult supernatural fantasy series. The series name comes from the fictional race of people who are a predominant part of the books.

The imaginary name of the Semahnim race is derived from the Hebrew word for mark (), which is pronounced “see-mawn.” Though they are human, they possess a number of abilities because of a Mark they bear on their foreheads (which are invisible to Normals, or normal people).

Below is the teaser I wrote for the first book, though most of the plot encompasses the entire series:

Maddy has been fighting against evil in every normal and paranormal form for nearly 2,000 years. Over the centuries, she has endured war, death, natural disasters, trust and betrayal, and even recently has loved and lost. But what started out as just another fight with a demon was really the beginning of something beyond what she ever could have imagined. The evil forces of the world have been preparing themselves for this for millennia and their strength and numbers are growing. Will they succeed? That will depend on whether Maddy, coupled with the impulsive and cocky teenager Zed, can overcome the fears and doubts that have haunted her since she was seventeen and save her people-from themselves. If they fail, the very foundation that has held so strong for thousands of years will finally crumble, and the whole world will pay for it.