Short Stories-Are They Really Simpler?

A QUICK NOTE: Hello, everyone. I apologize that it has taken me so long to add anything new to the website. I will attempt to add more content more regularly in the future. However, I did recently get the chance to at least finish this blog, so without further ado, let’s break down the essence […]

Building a Believable World-What Tools You Need

While I am aware I have already made a post regarding world-building, this is an aspect certainly worth repeating and elaborating on, especially for us science-fiction and fantasy writers. My last post on this topic mostly covered why world-building is important, and while there will be some overlap here, there’s also an inclusion of additional […]

Creating Character Conversations that Engage and Excite

Dialogue is an incredibly crucial piece when it comes to storytelling, and this is certainly no exception for people who want others to recognize them as true writers. In her article “Razor Sharp(ening) Dialogue,” freelance editor and literary agent Janice Hussein reveals what audiences want when reading dialogue. “Dialogue should communicate and entertain,” she begins. […]

Hit With Writer’s Block and Thoroughly Stuck

We all have those periods as writers-whether we are novices or well-practiced in the craft-when we face that point in our story and can’t seem to figure out where to go from there. We stare at a blank page for hours, we go back and read through what we already have, we go away and come […]

Capturing and Keeping Readers’ Interest

Are you trying to figure out what will make your story pop for your readers? Having trouble figuring out the exact formula to make a good or decent story spectacular to your particular audience? Bram Stoker-nominated author Janice Gable Bashman weighs in with some advice in her article inspired by a New York Times bestselling author. […]

Working on a Series? Know the Ins and Outs

Author Karen S. Wiesner knows what makes a good series, having published at least a dozen of them, along with another five trilogies. Therefore, her advice in her article “The Stuff Series Are Made Of” is invaluable for those of us creating stories that are, shall we say, to be continued… (Unless indicated otherwise, all quotes […]