My last post on this topic mostly covered why world-building is important, and while there will be some overlap here, there’s also an inclusion of additional information writers of these popular genres should know. In her interview with bestselling author Alan Dean Foster, Janice Gable Bashman asks some key questions about what writers need to […]

Crafting Creative Characters

As the people interacting with the world and/or story an author builds, characters need to be taken seriously and developed properly. Without good characters, readers can notice immediately that something is missing, even if the plot is engaging and original and the world complex and interesting. After all, if your characters can’t react with much […]

Seven Key Concepts in Writing

In the Writer’s Digest book Guide to Good Writing (1994) , author Gary Provost’s 1984 article provides what he calls the “seven beacons of good writing.” They are as follows: Brevity, Clarity, Precision, Harmony, Humanity, Honesty, and Poetry. (Unless indicated otherwise, every quote in this blog is from Gary Provost’s article as featured in the book. […]

Why is World-Building Important?

When you are working on a story set in a world from your own imagination, becoming a professional “world-builder” is important. Why? Here are two main reasons: IT INFORMS YOUR READER OF THE INS AND OUTS OF YOUR WORLD When readers pick up a book promising to take them to a mystical and exciting place, […]

The Parallels of Writing and Drawing

Writing and drawing are two different forms of artistic expression, sometimes even utilizing the same medium. Drawing seeks to capture an image on a page, while writing seeks to capture an image in a reader’s mind. Drawing is about the right combination of elements such as shading, proportion, and detail, whereas writing is about the […]